Why Should You Buy?

We ain’t cheap, but either is our premium production process.

We believe in fair working conditions for our shoemakers, and hell, it takes a lot of them to craft a single pair! Made by hand, each pair of shoes take our craftsmen 2-3 days to cut, dry, weave, bend, hammer and sew. 

We’re mad about fashion, but our standards are as high as our heels.

Quality leather combined with custom-made accessories equals products that outlive trends. Our designs are made to last, utilising the highest grade of components hand-picked hides, Indonesian mahogany and German fixatives.

We may make a lotta mules, but not at the cost of the animals they come from...

We’re here for a good time, not a horrible time, so we do our best to be as ethical a leather brand as possible. Our beautiful hides come from Java and are a bi-product of the meat industry that supply to the villages there.

We ain’t into buzz words, but we do like things ‘slow’.

Quality takes time, and we’re proud of our customers for embracing the movement with us. Our leather is hand-picked by our head designer before being painstakingly cut by a single artisan. Simultaneously, our signature wooden heels are lovingly hand cut and kiln dried.