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#StayAtHome Series: WFH with Emily Gurr

You might have seen her on the 'gram, but our longtime style crush Emily Gurr is so much more than an IG influencer. Model and content creator, yes. But she is also a savvy business woman and now - designer. 

Emily has just launched her debut collection for JACKLYN. The collection, or 'segment', is your modern day uniform. Combining a mix of relaxed and sharp silhouettes in a neutral palette that offer shape to the female form, projecting an effortlessly cool essence - while providing an equally cool approach to responsible and ethical manufacturing processes. 

We asked Emily about life in lockdown, her favourite iso bevvies, and how she has managed launching a brand new label in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. 

How's Iso life going? What's a typical day look like for you?

It has been testing for sure. Lots of ups and downs going through all the phases. One week I may be up early walking/ running and home works outs followed by work time on the laptop then maybe some baking and looking up courses online, then the next week may be wine every day, Netflix and a little bit of work. I don’t think there is any formula, I think we need to be kind on ourselves and do our best. I think for me its now just having small routines everyday from a workout or stretch to a skincare motion and different times set aside for work. I'm lucky I have my hilarious friend and roommate, Millie with me every day we find lots of ways to keep ourselves continuously in stitched laughing.

How has the lockdown affected your business? 

Oh wow, greatly for me!
In terms of content creation, brands are struggling at the moment so budgets are low. Marketing spending has been drastically reduced, also the lack of ability to work with sets of people has affected photoshoot work. The fashion Industry has definitely taken a hit.
I launched my ethical, slow fashion line called Jacklyn on the brink of COVID 19 lockdown so that has been a bit of a disappointment in terms of timing. I am lucky to have some beautiful customers who have supported it and lots of friends and people who follow me get behind it, so I'm lucky in that sense. I'm just working on focusing on learning more about running a small business and planning for the future so that when things are back up and running we will be streamlined.

What's your go to WFH uniform?

I hate to say it but a co-ord track set! Sweats are my best friends at the moment. Suit my snacking lifestyle at the present haha. I sometimes chuck on a Jacklyn blazer and pair of slacks or jeans and my Batu boots if I’m getting serious in the office and want to make myself feel good and dressed for the occasion.

Favourite shows/movies/books to binge?

I loved Ozark Netflix series and recently got through Friends seasons once again (love it), I love When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman and Almost Famous. Millie and I have been watching Schitts Creek and Summer Heights High for some lols at night too. Ikigai is the book I am reading at the moment. It's the Japanese secrets to a happy life and explores the variables that contribute to the eldest population cities of the world called Blue Zones.

Your favourite Aussie brands?

I love Aje, I worked for them for years when I was a teenager and early 20s. Adrian and Eddie are so lovely and talented. I also love Sir, Bec and Bridge, Nobody denim, St Agni, Zulu and Zephyr and Batu of course. Just to name a few.

Drink of choice?

Dirty Martini, Negroni or a champers

Any tips for other small business owners out there to get through this time?

Keep pushing forward, support other brands and remember why you started in the beginning, focus on what you love and creativity will flow.


You can shop Emily's debut collection online at www.studiojacklyn.com.au

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