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Quality takes time, and we’re proud of our customers for embracing the movement with us. Made by hand, each pair of shoes take our craftsmen 2-3 days to cut, dry, weave, bend, hammer and sew. 

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I just want to message to let you know I had a wedding on Saturday and I wore the Agnes from 10am-3pm and they were incredible...


That chunky heel is heaven. They are honestly the best boots I've seen released this season...


F*ck I love your brand and your style.


I'm honestly so in love with them I wore them around my apartment last night


I just received my Batu shoes!!! Thank you so much!!! They are gorgeous and I LOVE them 


I just wanted to let you know that when I wear my Batu mules people literally stop me in the street to ask where I got them from. Thank you for creating the most beautiful shoes to ever come into my life.


Comfiest boots I've ever worn!


Just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived and they're an absolute dream!